Kizer Frame Fluid Iv Grijs

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The new Kizer Fluid 4 frames are a definite redesign over their previous Fluid frame models.The first thing Kizer changed for the Fluid 4's was to offer it in 3 size lengths instead of 2 like all of their previous models. Next they greatly increased the width of the groove which has been the recent trend for frames because it allows you to comfortably grind on a variety of obstacles.These frames will only fit anti rockers in the center wheel positions and are not for people looking to skate flat set ups.Kizer has stuck with a Nylon Zytel material because it is one of the most durable, fastest sliding plastics available. The Kizer Fluid 4 frame also features their new sidewall shape from the 2010 and 2011 Fluid frames so that soul grinds slide much faster due to less surface contact. Color: Grey Average weight: 10 oz. Small = 5-7 (length = 10 3/4 in.) Medium = 8-9 (length = 11 1/4 in.) Large = 10-15 (length = 11 1/2 in.) Sturdy 8mm axles Max Outer Wheel Size: 60 mm Max Inner Wheel Size: Anti Rockers Only Sold in pairs with frame hardware (Mounting bolts sold separately / Use your existing bolts)