Longboard Loaded Fattail Flex 1

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€ 329,99

The Loaded Fattail is a small and agile city cruiser, but with enough nose and tail to do some freestyle tricks as well. This board is perfect for cruising around town, light freeride, and commuting and is super small and portable. 

This complete is set-up with Paris 150mm trucks for snappy carves, and Orangatang Fat Frees (65 mm wheels) for smooth slides and quick roll speed.

A Little Extra Girth Never Hurts.

The Fattail is a modernized take on the classic pintail longboard designed to keep up with evolutions in riding and performance. Perfect for carving, pumping, and any situation where lively, energetic lines are on the menu. 

Longboard Specs

Construction: Bamboo

Length: 38” / 96.5 cm
Width: 8.6” / 22 cm
Wheelbase (inner hole): 26.5-27.4” / 67.3-69.6 cm
Profile: camber
Weight (deck only): 3 lbs / 1.4 kg

Flex Recommendations

Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs / 75-122+ kg
Flex 2: 125-215+ lbs / 55-95+ kg
Flex 3: 75-175+ lbs / 35-80+ kg