Tempish Volt-R

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Skates for inline hockey with new revolutionary construction, which makes it both very strong and very light.

The whole skeleton is made of one piece of HDPE with different thickness according to the need for strength and hardness of individual parts.

The anatomical shape is developed according to the shape of the feet of active hockey players and also a long history of hockey skates produced by TEMPISH with comparing the shapes of all previous skates with the experience of hockey players ensures the highest comfort. 

The inner bandage around the ankles and Achilles tendon holds the foot well and tight in the skeleton.
Anatomical insole together with the anatomical shape of the tongue perfectly complements the comfortable inner space of the skate.

The skeleton has a variable strength in the area of ??the laces rings to allow the skates to be tightened to the sole as required by each hockey player.

The back of the shoe is very strong and provides high support on the calf of the hockey player.

On the skate is proven TEMPISH MESH chassis with embedded screws, which has been modified (MESH ULTRA R) according to the shape of the sole of the skates VOLT.

The skate is equipped with high-grip TEMPISH WOOW wheels of hardness 74A for use on plastic playing areas.

Skates TEMPISH VOLT-R is designed for experienced inline hockey players.