Addict Fork Relentless Fork HIC-SCS Gun Metal

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Addict Fork Relentless Fork

Addict Relentless (SCS) Compatible Fork.

This fork shreds!
It is strong, stiff, long lasting and perfect for demanding street riders.

Tested for almost 2 years by some of the best and gnarliest street riders in the world.
Available in HIC/ICS and SCS Compatible versions.

Relentless (SCS Compatible) Fork Specs:

• Fork Height: 160mm
• Shaft Outer diameter 1 1/8 Inch
• Max Wheel Size: 115mm
• Weight: TBC Grams (Inc. Axle/Nut & Spacers x2)
• Fork Design: One-piece
• Wheel Profile Fit: Round
• Material: 6068 Cold Forged and CNC Aluminium
• Axle: 58mm M8 with Lock Nut
• Spacers: Aluminium (Removable)
• Engraved Addict Logo