Patchwork Doodle 1-6 spelers 8-99 jaar

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' Roll & Write'-version of the well-known puzzle game a cube roll determines every turn that you have to sign on your drawing board. Patches should not hang over the edge of the board or overlap. Because all players start with a different starting patch, everyone quickly has a variety of challenges. After every 6 turns there is a count. You will then get points for your most valuable colored rectangle. At the end of the game you get downsides for non-colored fields. You have 4 special actions during the game, which you can run each time. This way you can cut a piece once, simply fill in 1 box or a different patch than the diced sign. That way you can dodge a very clumsy patch. In Patchwork Doodle All players are always at the turn. No one will have to wait, but if someone takes a little longer, then you can spend that time nicely to make your patchwork as beautiful as possible! Patchwork Doodle is a smooth puzzle game, which can be played anywhere by the compact size. You can also play solitaire games!

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