Moxi Skates - Lolly Classic Black - Rollerskates

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LET OP !! We Leveren Dit Product Een week Na Bestelling ... Moxi Skates - Lolly Classic Black - Rollerskates De nieuwe Moxi Skates Lolly Classic Black is er! Hoogwaardige kwaliteit in combinatie met een goede pasvorm en een perfecte afwerking maken deze suède rollerskates een absolute wannahave voor de rollerskate liefhebber. De Moxi Lolly skate kan door de recreatieve skater gebruikt worden voor binnen en buiten skaten, jamskaten en zelfs in skateparks. Het zachte leer van de boot vormt snel naar je voet en zorgt ervoor dat de schoen snel comfortabel zit. These teal suede high top roller skates can be used for indoor or outdoor skating. They come with Moxi Gummy Seafoam Wheels and an adjustable toe stop. Moxi Lolly Floss Skates are a mid-range lifestyle skate, designed for recreation and street skating. The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots. And they come in ten cute colors, Strawberry, Taffy, floss, Fuchsia, Empty Pool, Poppy, Clementine, Honeydew, Pineapple, Classic Black. Boot: High Top Leather Suede Boot with Lining Plate: PowerDyne Nylon Thrust Wheels: Moxi Tinted MDI Outdoor Wheels 65mm -- Color: Moxi Gummy Seafoam Wheels Bearings: Kwik Abec 7 Bearings Toe Stop: PD Round Black - Off Set Toe Stop and Stabalizing Foot Plate Sizes: 6-12 Full Only Medium Width High Top Leather Boot W/ Moxi Lining Moxi Skates Classic Black Lolly The New Moxi Classic Black Lolly is Here! Paired with the right black jeans, these leg extensions will emphasize moves like no skate ever has before! The Classic Black Lolly Skates from Moxi are accented completely in black with painted eyelets, black laces, and black wheels, just like a true ninja prefers. Manufactured to the high Moxi standards that you'd expect. As with all Moxi Skates, the Classic Black skate has a decorative Moxi printed liner and signature Moxi 'M' logo cut out. Moxi have also fitted colour co-ordinating Black 65mm Moxi Outdoor Classic