Rollerblade Twister Edge 80 MM

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Rollerblade Twister Edge Skates enjoy a complete and improved re-design of the best-selling Twister boot that arguable started the urban category. Most notable are Anti-Torsion Box boxes built into the base that make the shell and frame connection rigid to maximize energy, efficiency and control. A blend of high-end performance with price-conscious components to create a skate that makes your feet and wallet happy. Form-fitting High-Performance First Fit V-Cut Liners sit inside a vented molded shell to provide comfort, while the deep V-Cut cuff allows for greater range of motion. The Twister Edge continues the Twister tradition in being durbale, high-quality and versatile to take you wherever you want to go. Extruded Aluminum Frames ; Rollerblade Supreme 80mm 85A Wheels ; TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings. Type: Urban ; FreestyleSkill Level: All Levels (Brake in Box)Fit Guidelines: Some break-in may be required. Should feel very snug out of the box, and then form fit after break-in.
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