K2 Alexis 84 MM Boa Women

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K2 Alexis 84 Boa Inline Skate for Women. Quick, comfortable and versatile. 84mm is maneuverable enough for short excursions, and large enough for cross-training or fitness skating. Combine that with BOA Turn-Dial Speedlacing and a great looking boot and you have something fun and easy. Give your knees a brake and enjoy low-impact skating for cardio.K2's patented SoftBoot gives a sock-like fit that requires little to no break-in and the Stability Plus Cuff provides support and confidence. The addition of die cast aluminum frames provides stiffness and power when pushing off, making the Fit 84 Boa Skates great for both casual and fitness training activities. Boa Lacing: Pull round dial outward to loosen by pulling on skate tongue. Pushing dial inward snaps in place to tighten by turning dial. Aluminum Frames ; 84mm 80A Wheels ; ILQ7 Bearings