Kizer Frame Type-X Zwart

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The new Kizer Type X freestyle frames in black.The Type X frame takes off where the Mook frame left off and is an ideal frame for the adventurous bladers out there that never want to find themselves unable to skate an obstacle because of the limitations of their frame. The huge groove allows the you to confidently attack any shaped obstacle without fear of sticking, thanks also to the well protected front and rear wheels.The angle of the groove and walls of the Kizer Type X frame center the obstacle you are grinding to match your point of balance and the indented walls allow for minimum friction and maximum grinding speed. Features Color: Black Max wheel size: Up to 59mm Average weight per frame: 10 oz. S = skates size 5-8 (Length = 10-1/4\") L = skates size 9-15 (Length = 11-1/4\") Sturdy 8mm axles Sold in pairs with frame hardware and bearing spacers (Mounting bolts sold separately / Use your existing bolts)