Bustin Modela 26" One Tribe - Complete Mini Cruiser

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€ 144,99

Everything about our popular Modela deck, shrunk down into a fully functional mini with a fully functional, fully thrashable nose and tail. This back-packed sized single kick is ideal for stashing under your desk at work or in your locker between classes. Bust it out for a quick ride to get coffee, or take it with you on your next weekend trip! The mini-cruiser thats Built To Skate, Not To Fake!


Length: 67 cm / 26.375”
Width: 19.4 cm / 7.625”
Wheelsbase: 13.85"


Trucks: Bustin TKP
Wheels: Bustin Premier 66mm 80a 
Bearings: Bustin Abec 7