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Bauer Nexus N7000 Skate Sr
If you're in the market for high-performing skates that won't break the bank, the Bauer Nexus N7000 are worth a look. These skates represent a great value and carry many design elements of Bauer's higher-end models.

Like all Nexus-line skates, the N7000s feature Bauer's classic fit their deepest, most forgiving fit. The boot fits a little wider in the forefoot and ankle, deeper in the quarter-depth, taller in the toe-box and overall boot height. Your foot fits deeper in the boot and results in excellent responsiveness. If you have flat feet, wide feet, thick feet, or just prefer a classic fit, the Nexus line is for you.

The N7000s feature a super-light Tech Mesh quarter package for tight turns and forceful power. Internally, anatomical memory foam wraps your ankles in customizable comfort and protection. The hydrophobic microfiber liner wicks moisture away and fights odor-causing germs. The anatomical 40oz 2-piece tongue with PE insert is thick, comfortable and protective.

Externally you're looking at a beautiful design with classic lines. The boot is strong and supportive around the ankle. A TPR outsole connects it all and offers good feedback. TUUK Lightspeed Edge holders and runners let you change steel in seconds and help translate your power.

With design elements borrowed from Bauer's highest-end skates and the always-strong Bauer pedigree, the Nexus N7000s are one of the best values in the game.

Prijs: € 219,99

Bauer Nexus N7000 Skate Sr



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